The foundation of CC Cosmetics was laid down in 1950’s. These days the company started business in cosmetics with the production of Eau de Cologne products in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, with the brand marked ” Gonca Kolonyalari. ” Within time the company expanded and reached with its main brand BARGELLO the current market position.

Our factory located in Bursa / TURKEY at an area of 9.000 m2 and operating under ISO 9001 ve ISO 22716 (GMP) quality standarts as well as IFRA and HALAL norms manufactures products such as Perfume, Body Splash, Eau de Cologne, Air Fresheners, Car and Room Perfumes.

With its growing Franchise model worldwide, BARGELLO ranks worldwide as one of the fast growing investment models in the perfume sector. Counting for currently 150 sales points in Turkey and being available in about 24 countries internationally, the company also introduced in 2012 its digital shopping platform e-bargello to its customers in Turkey. Having its Turkey headquarters in Bursa, the company also launched its own global pperations with its Europe headquarters in Germany and Neareast operational centre in Iran, which will be followed shortly by other regional offices worldwide.

Our company started restructuring in 2015 with the vision of spreading a global perfume brand from Turkey. Besides our Research & Development studies conducted in Bursa, we also refer to many studies projected in various laboratories in France. Furthermore, to ensure same quality standarts at management level, we also made investments to human resources and qualified management technologies.

Our Mission; to present a brand growing with its satisfied customers which manufactures prevailing its standarts for ecology, health and quality

Our Vision : to become a global brand focussing on reliability and quality as main aspects within the market of cosmetics and personal care

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