Product Range

Car Perfumes create a fresh and dynamic atmosphere in your car with its scents of fruits, pine, spice and citrus. Change the air within your car with the wide variety of Bargello Car Perfume and its decorative bottle.

We continously enrich our perfume range. This is done by updating permanently our product catalogues with a view to the needs and requests of our customers, which drive us to enrich our innovative and unique selected perfumes always for the better ones.

Bargello Decorative Air Freshener adds significantly to the ambiance of your room with its scent and its decorative bottle. It refreshes the air in your room in both ways by absorbing bad odours with its special fragrance molecules and same time refreshes it with a new scent providing a relaxing harmony. Pave way for the selected air fresheners of Bargello for a new ambiance with your beloved ones..

Something your guests will envy…Decorative Porcelain Air Freshener…Changing both decoration and the scent around you…….Fits perfectly your home, office or any special occasion…A decorative scent which you will always rely on….

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