An Elegant Touch to Your Soul

About Bargello

A luxury Turkish perfume company that was founded in 1950 and has expanded to include 24 countries in the world and 240 branches within Turkey.

Bargello starting its activities with the purchase of Gonca Kolonyaları, the famous cologne brand of its period, Bargello has grown over time and is a preferred brand in many parts of the world. Setting out with the mission of respecting people and nature, our brand continues to grow with the awareness of happy consumers without sacrificing quality.

With its innovative approach and wide production network that stands out in the cosmetics sector, our brand continues its production life with different products such as perfume, body spray, shower gel, cologne, deodorant, roll on, antiperspirant, ambient fragrance, vehicle fragrance. Continuing to maintain its place in the global market with more than 300 products produced with precision in accordance with quality standards, Bargello operates by adopting customer satisfaction.

Since 1950, Bargello has been producing in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (GMP) quality standards, as well as IFRA and HALAL standards.