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We are happy to be together for many years with the high-quality products and customer satisfaction we offer.

Bargello brings together fragrances suitable for the rhythm of every season. The scent of the moment remains with products that bring you spring with perfumes with floral notes, adventure with perfumes with characteristic notes, freedom with notes reflecting the freshness of the ocean, and a unique experience with the mysterious touch of mystical scents.


Fresh Series

Oriental Series

Floral Series

Woody Series

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With its dynamic designs and unique fragrances, Bargello Cologne Series shares with you the joy of the bairams, the joy of spring, the freshness of the ocean and the happiness of chocolate. It is time to discover rich fragrance alternatives with cologne varieties available in 180 ml glass bottles.

Antiperspirant deodorant options are produced for you to enjoy the day with its aluminium-free formula. Drawing attention with their ease of use and pleasant fragrances, our products bring dynamic fragrances together.


Body mist options that increase the longevity of perfumes are inspired by the most preferred perfumes. The scent of freshness stays with you all day long with body mist options specially composed for women and men users.


A wide range of fragrances ranging from floral notes to spicy notes awaits you in the shower gel series, creating unique chords with its original notes and making showering a unique experience. Suitable for all body types, with its paraben and silicone-free structure, shower gel options provide the pH balance of your skin with its formula containing aloe vera.

Candle options that make a modern touch to your home decoration with their calming effect and stylish design change the aura of your home with rich scent chords.

Making your living spaces more decorative with their stylish appearance, ambient fragrances offer longevity with the strong touch of natural oils. In 120 ml bottles, the scent of peace surrounds your home with the room fragrances we produce with different alternatives.

Vehicle fragrance options that bring your vehicle together with rich odours offer a wide range of products with different alternatives.